The Blatantly Blunt Show With Guests Potent Whisper & M.O.N.G.O Of Mud Fam (17/03/2017)

Stream the very latest Blatantly Blunt Show to drop with guests Potent Whisper & M.O.N.G.O of Mud Fam.

  • Ludacris- Grew Up A Screw Up
  • Mist- Madness
  • LA The Darkman & Ludacris & Willie The Kid- Coogi Down
  • The Game feat. Ice Cube & Dr. Dre & Will.I.Am- Don’t Trip
  • Joey Bada$$- Land Of The Free
  • DJ G Starr- Tupac’s “Me against The World” 22nd Anniversary Mix
  • Mark B & M.U.D Family- Lash Suttin
  • Mongo- Rainin In The Hood
  • Mongo feat. Greg Blackman- Too Good For Him
  • Juganaut feat. Micall Parknsun- 40 Acres
  • Trim x Rage- No Chill
  • Rude Kid feat. Ghetts- Banger After Banger
  • Potent Whisper feat. Fola Philip- Like David, Like May