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Listen back to the latest instalment of the Fabio & Grooverider show on PyroRadio, this month Grooverider takes care of Drum & Bass business.


Listen back to this month’s instalment of the full Ragga Twins Crew on Pyro with this month’s special guest DJ Ruff Stuff.

Bryan Gee, PyroRadio, PyroRadio.com

Check out the latest instalment of the big bad Bryan Gee on PyroRadio.com, two hours of straight Drum & Bass vibes on this one with an epic hour of Bryan spinning old school Dubplates.

  • Need For Mirrors- Son Of Sorrow
  • Intelligent Manners- How Sweet Is It
  • Bailey & Tali- Stargazing
  • Duo Science- Night traffic
  • Phase2- One Time
  • Paul T & Edward Oberon- Stay Forever
  • Roll Pieces- Retreat
  • Paul T & Edward Oberon- Fire
  • Command Strange- Can’t Stop
  • Nitri- Enough’s Enough
  • Paul T & Edward Oberon- Taking Over Me
  • DJ Hazard- Roll Out My Love
  • Need For Mirrors- Rough trade
  • Blade- The Greatest
  • D Product- Crimes Against
  • Leviticus- Big Bad & Heavy
  • Lion Heart VIP
  • Gangsta VIP (Remix)
  • Roni Size & Krust- Ease Back VIP
  • Ghost Weed
  • DJ Krent- Stepper
  • Fashion VIP
  • Slide Away (Remix)
  • Dictation VIP
  • Trust Me VIP
  • Trouble VIP
  • 30 Hertz- Dillinja VIP
Fabio & Grooverider, , Fabio And Grooverider, PyroRadio, PyroRadio.com 2

Fabio takes care of Drum & Bass business in the studio for this months instalment of the Fabio & Grooverider show on PyroRadio.com.

  • Flaco- You Should Be Here
  • Mako– How Do You Feel
  • Hybrid- Somewhere There
  • Response- Betrayal
  • Marcus Intalex- Jupiter
  • Paul T Edward Oberon- Fithteen
  • Margaman- Paradigm
  • Imran Graffiti- Sleep
  • Calibre- Butter Love
  • Artcartype- Ascension Reference
  • Ink & Gremlinz- The Light
  • Saaf- Dubplate
  • Artcartype- Nocturne
  • Decon- Grey Cat
  • Paul SG- Under Pressure
  • Utah Jazz- Growth Comes
  • Decon- Simply As That VIP
  • Joakuim- The Jam Sessions
  • White Label- Night Shift
  • Calbire- Up In Smoke
  • Margaman- Suspence
  • FD- Though
  • Marcus Intalex- Step Forward
  • Spirit- Provider

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