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Check out this month’s show to drop from 2Shy MC on Pyro.

  • Autumn- It’s All About The Girl
  • Calibre- Hear Through Me
  • Paul SG- Calculation
  • Vital Link- Jungle Life
  • Commix- You’ll see
  • A Side feat. Makato- Temperation
  • Nu Tone- Countdown
  • Total Science feat. Riya- Walk The Same Lines (Calibre Remix)
  • Dushi Ft. Deleelah- Need Your Love
  • Monty- Light Wars
  • J Majik feat. Kathy Brown- Love Is Not A Game
  • Addiction & Villiem- Make Me Feel Fine
  • Taxman- Chameleon
  • Potential BadBoy feat. MC Fats- Gimme The Rhythm
  • T.I- Break Even
  • Serum, Paul T & Edward Oberon- In Too Deep
  • Shy FX- Bambaata (Break Remix)
  • Ed Rush & Optical- Bacteria
  • DJ Die- Clear Skies
  • Critical Impact- The Shining
  • Enei- Forgive Me
  • Ed Rush & Optical- Function
  • DJ Die- Get To Bizness
  • Data3- Something Strange
  • Semitone- Retro Respect
  • Total Science & DLR- Too Close For Comfort
  • Jam Thieves- Amnesia
  • Total Science & Break- Big Time Winners
  • Calyx & Teebee- Ruffian
  • Agressor Bunx- Bleak Shadows
  • Killbox- Hype Circle
  • Loadstar- Guerilla
Bryan Gee, Bar Rumba 1, PyroRadio, PyroRadio.com,

Stream this month’s instalment of Bryan Gee rolling out on PyroRadio.

  • DJ Andrezz- Free Your Mind
  • Command Strange- Circles
  • Marky And S.P.Y- Up In The Mountain
  • Aries & Random Movement- Sun Day
  • MC Fats L -Side- High Times
  • Marky  And Parliment- Sexy Body
  • Random Movement- The Step Tune
  • Marky And S.P.Y- Mystic Sunset
  • Andrezz- Take You There
  • Addiction & Villen- Makes Me Feel Fine
  • Andrezz- Memories Remain
  • Rowpieces- Groove Thangdj
  • Andrezz- Rigel Brightness
  • L-Side- Dark Matter
  • DJ Chap- Seven Lines (L-Side Remix)
  • Alibi feat. Coppa- Trunk
  • Alibi & Disaszt- Double Trouble
  • Roni Size- Cult Collective
  • Firefox- Keep It Raw (Serum VIP)
  • FireFox- OverProof
  • Serum feat. Trigga- Phenomenon Part 2
  • Serum feat. Navigator- Battle Cry
  • Critycal Dub feat. Yush- Down Below
  • Siren- Rumble (L- Side Remix)
  • Think Tonk Vs Spyda- Black Tarantula
  • Think Tonk- Set Man On Boost
  • Think Tonk & Inja- Whatever You Go Do
  • Think Tonk- Live Our Life
  • L Side feat. Ragga T- Get Your Freak On
  • Serum- The Fingers
  • Command Strange- Face 2 Face
  • Heist- 90% Rusk VIP
  • Bladerunner- The Test
  • Alibi- Hornet VIP
  • Alibi And Disaszt- I Got You
  • DJ Marky- Love Vibes
  • DJ Patife & Dave WS feat. Singing Fats- The Vibe Is Coming
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This month Jordan J Bryan invites Arsenal Fan TV’s Robbie into the PyroRadio studio on The #BeatsAndBalls Show.

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Stream the very latest show to drop from DJ SLY with special guest Ego Trippin.

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