Selecta Impact (18/01/2017)

Watch and listen back to the debut guest show to drop from Selecta Impact with a whole host of guest MC’s live in the Pyro studio.

  • Akesman x Flirta D- Chat 2 Fast
  • Drahmah- Everybody Down
  • Dot Rotten- Spesh
  • Dreama- We Don’t Care
  • Giggs & CasIsDead- 501 (Hollow & Heston)
  • Grim Sickers- Kane
  • Jammer & Mez- After Hours
  • Melvillous- Slow Your Roll
  • Kill Dem- Zerky
  • Bizz TG- Watch Me Ball
  • Safone- Get To Know
  • Dok- Step In A War
  • Armour- Bun A Fire
  • Capo Lee- Mud