Check out the latest show to drop from 2Shy MC with a special guest mix from this month’s guest DJ Melinki.

Check out the latest instalment of the big bad Bryan Gee on, two hours of straight Drum & Bass vibes on this one with an epic hour of Bryan spinning old school Dubplates.

  • Need For Mirrors- Son Of Sorrow
  • Intelligent Manners- How Sweet Is It
  • Bailey & Tali- Stargazing
  • Duo Science- Night traffic
  • Phase2- One Time
  • Paul T & Edward Oberon- Stay Forever
  • Roll Pieces- Retreat
  • Paul T & Edward Oberon- Fire
  • Command Strange- Can’t Stop
  • Nitri- Enough’s Enough
  • Paul T & Edward Oberon- Taking Over Me
  • DJ Hazard- Roll Out My Love
  • Need For Mirrors- Rough trade
  • Blade- The Greatest
  • D Product- Crimes Against
  • Leviticus- Big Bad & Heavy
  • Lion Heart VIP
  • Gangsta VIP (Remix)
  • Roni Size & Krust- Ease Back VIP
  • Ghost Weed
  • DJ Krent- Stepper
  • Fashion VIP
  • Slide Away (Remix)
  • Dictation VIP
  • Trust Me VIP
  • Trouble VIP
  • 30 Hertz- Dillinja VIP

Check out this months instalment of DJ Majesty‘s new show on taking you through two hours of straight Tech House.

  • Vibe Killers- Love You
  • Dirius- Back In The Day
  • Ben Murphy- My Baby
  • Macht- Firm Believer
  • Josh Butler- Miss You Less
  • System 2- Hot Milk
  • DJ Majesty- Things You Do
  • Sidney Charles- House Is All I need
  • DJ Majesty- 27 Club
  • Reelow feat. Leroy Burgess- This Is How We Do It (Tiger Stripes Remix)
  • Phil Badder- This Is Acid
  • DJ Majesty- Acid Workout
  • DJ Majesty- Dubplate
  • DJ Majesty- Warp Speed
  • Brett Gould- Body Language
  • Way- Spin
  • Hector Couto- Black Noise
  • DJ Majesty- Angola
  • DJ Majesty- Coffee Shop
  • Robert Dietz- Cheap Treat
  • DJ Majesty & Harry Lay- Girls
  • DJ Majesty- Material

Watch and listen back to the latest instalment of The Flip Life Radio Show hosted by Novar Flip, Jaz Kahina & Big Ben, the squad invite special guest Big Cakes into the studio to discuss and debate the all important question ‘Is there racism in Hip Hop?’.

  • NWA- Fuck The Police
  • Public Enemy- Fight The Power
  • Ice Cube- Horny Lil Devil
  • Alex Dutty- Proud To White
  • Big Cakes- Corny
  • Big Cakes- Gucci

Watch and listen back to Coventry MC Skatta’s truly epic #TakeoverShow featuring interviews and a tear out freestyle session over Grime and Hip Hop beats with ‘The Society’ MC’s SubZero, Krisis, Shadow, SaintJedi and DJ Motif.

  • B Fast- That’s Mad
  • Jedi- Talk Is Cheap
  • ShadowCV6- Gotta Get Through This
  • Precha- Machine Gun Precha 
  • Skatta feat. SubZero Krisis Krxnic, Quinny, Static & Khaos- Has It Come To This (Remix) 
  • Saint- The Reign 
  • Subzero- Ready Or Not
  • Whizzy- Baby Girl
  • Jedi feat. Various Artists- Cov 2 Brum Linkup
  • ShadowCV6- INTRO
  • Outz feat. BFAST- Feeling That 
  • Krisis feat. Saint- Bodies On Ice 
  • Krisis feat. Saint- Don’t Know You 
  • Skatta feat. Quest B, Alvie, Krxnic, Saint, Krisis, Quinny & Sub Zero- My Energy
  • SubZero- Standard 
  • Skatta feat. Caitlyn The Songstrist- Skatta’D Pieces
  • CdotM- Tings Off Me 
  • Skatta feat. Caitlyn The Songstrist, Mac Backwrdz, Alvie & Quest B- Grind & Shine 
  • The Society feat. ShadowCV6- Sox


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